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  • iLog

    Cryopak’s iLog is designed with the user in mind. This temperature monitor has many convenience features that allows the user to quickly and easily make informed decisions. iLog data loggers are compatible with Console Pro software, 0.1°C resolution for added accuracy, up to 32,000 readings, LCD display, and can be programmed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. iLogs can also be fitted with 1 or 2 sensors in addition to a humidity sensor.

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    The iMINI LCD is a single-trip temperature logger with a large LCD screen for easy-viewing of temperature data. The advanced monitoring technology in this product provides higher accuracy when detecting changes in shipment temperature. Its advanced capabilities make it ideal to use within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

    This compact device comes in a waterproof pouch and is pre-programmed to customer specifications. The iMINI LCD can hold up to 8,000 readings and has 4 alarm thresholds. It can detect temperature data between -40°C up to 80°C. To start the device, simply press the start button and let the iMINI LCD do the rest. End-user data can be retrieved by using Cryopak’s Console Plus software.

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  • iMINI Temperature / Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    The iMINI temperature series is available as a single-trip or multi-use data logger. Standard features include: 4 alarm threshold with LED indicators, large LCD visibility and start/stop buttons. Enhanced options include NIST traceable calibration and bookmarking capability. This series offers full versatility of memory capacity and sensor array. With 5 memory options from 8,000 to 128,000 readings and four sensor configurations, these temperature recorders adapt to a multitude of industry specific applications.

    The iMINI was developed to encompass a full spectrum of uses from food processing and warehousing, to blood storage and transport, to biotech and clinical trials, among others.

    Required accessories: USB Mini to USB interface-Model #CB-USB2-MINI5P (Sold Separately)
    Console Plus Software- Model # EA-SWP-PLUS (available as free download or option to purchase disc)

    MX Series of products for both temperature and humidity require a USB cable to connect to the PC; one cable needed per location for downloading and programming

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    The iMINI USB PDF single-trip data logger with plug & play technology generates a comprehensive PDF report (also available as an Excel CSV file) without the need for proprietary software or interface. This user friendly temperature recorder comes preprogrammed as a 4 day, 7 day or 10 day, or any custom configuration including temperature, interval and start delay.

    With its newly expanded 4 alarm threshold capability, the iMINI USB PDF is the ideal solution for the food, pharmaceutical and life science industries. It is available with either a factory issued statement of accuracy or NIST traceable certificate of calibration. The compact profile and lightweight design, along with the waterproof pouch, allows this data logger to go virtually anywhere.

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  • iMiniPlus Dry Ice

    The iMiniPlus Dry Ice logger can be programmed to measure extreme temperatures within the range of -100°C to 40°C (-148°F to 104°F). Dry ice data loggers are typically used to monitor frozen temperatures of pharmaceutical products, clinical trials, blood products, medical samples, biological products, plasma, diagnostic specimens and organs, as well as animal and medical tissue.

    This device has a 1 meter Teflon cable that connects the stainless steel temperature probe to the data logger. Available as a single-trip or multi-use unit, its features include start and stop buttons on the face of the unit, bookmarking capabilities, large LCD display with multifunctional viewing, and has a large memory capacity up to 8,040 readings.

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  • iMiniPlus PDF

    The iMiniPlus PDF data logger is the ideal instrument for monitoring temperature-sensitive shipments to distant destinations where proprietary software is unavailable.

    This data logger uses a USB mini B to USB type A cable* (supplied with PDF logger) or small USB adapter for computer communications. It is a true plug & play device. When the logger is connected, the computer automatically recognizes the logger as a Mass Storage Device, and the PDF report can be viewed with two other binary files. Please allow sufficient time for installation (5 to 30 seconds).

    Every data logger is supplied with a simple USB to USB cable for PC connection and travels with the logger in the consignment. Report generation includes a summary of transport condition, time spent out of specification and trip statistics. In addition, the report provides date, time and temperature of all readings, plus a graph of the temperature of the trip. The PDF report can be validated by Console software by emailing the PDF report and binary files to the supplier, thus meeting the requirements for 21 CFR Part11.

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  • Junior Egg Logger

    Junior Egg Loggers are designed to measure egg temperature in cartons during transportation and storage, or during the incubation process. The egg logger can also be used in any other application that prohibits the use of other loggers due to size requirements.

    The logger case is made from ABS plastic, is of similar weight to a real egg, and can be placed in a standard size egg carton. The Junior Egg Logger is designed to operate in temperatures between -20ºC to up to 60°C. The logger has one internal sensor, which is situated in the center of the logger to simulate the response time of an actual egg.

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  • Junior High Temperature Logger

    Cryopak’s High Temperature data loggers have the ability to withstand high temperature and pressure environments. Ideal for food/beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries, these loggers are well suited to applications where a high degree of sterilization is required.

    Featuring a small stainless steel base case, these versatile loggers feature either a single or dual stainless steel probe sensor, which can be custom configured to your specific requirements. The probe can be screwed to the base to allow for interchange of the probe assembly. The loggers can detect temperatures between 0°C and 125°C, can hold up to 16,000-40,000 samples, and use Cryopak’s Console Pro software.

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  • Wireless MINI/Redi

    The Wireless MINI/Redi system records both stored data and real-time data. Programmable in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, this system measures temperature data between -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F) and is remotely configurable and downloadable. Transfer data to any PC using the serial or USB port connector.

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