Metrology Overview

PSC Biotech PTE LTD is a known distributor of reputable brands such as Climet, Lives International, Dekon Solutions, Cryopak and Custom Biogenics. All of these are designed to cater all your needs. We are known distributor of equipment boosting with quality, good performance and excellence while maintaining affordability. At the same time, our metrology laboratory is able to provide calibration and repair services.

We use state-of- the-art equipment to cater the quality of products you deserve. Our equipment passed through several quality checks to ensure that everything we deliver is of high-quality. With us, there is no room for low standards and as much as possible, we like our products to be one of its kind. There is nothing more important than giving you the best that we can when it comes to product quality. Our qualified personnel, on the other hand, can efficiently work on your projects because of their specialized expertise to supplement your internal workforce.

Good Performance
Acquiring the right measurement is very important to us. Our products might be affordable but it is surely made out of world-class quality to boost its overall performance. Our equipment is a combination of good quality, good performance, and affordability at its finest. We want to enable steady growth and development of our service area while specializing in areas of Validation, Quality, and Compliance as per the international scale. There is nothing more you can ask for because PSC Biotech has it all.

Gone were the days when good service/products equal to high amount of price. We at PSC Biotech ensure that quality is never neglected despite our products and services being totally affordable. We want to remove the misconception that great products and services come at a great price. PSC Biotech only wants the best for its clients. Meeting their changing needs is what we strive most from time to time. We are committed to upholding quality, good performance while maintaining the affordability of our products and services.

Being a company that’s people-oriented, we strive nothing but excellence. We put great value on personal and business relationships, thus, our people are our most valuable assets. We want to uphold excellence through our world class calibration lab and our profound senior expert team. PSC Biotech aims in reaching international standards based on our products and services.

Calibration Services

We provide competent and reliable calibration solutions for your company for a wide range of measurement parameters.
• Climet Optical Particle Counters in accordance with ISO 21501-1
• Low pressure multi gas flow velocity verification up to 250 l/min/6 bar
• Temperature Calibration from -80 deg C to +400 deg C
• Pressure Calibration from 0 to 10 bar absolute pressure
• SAS Air Samplers
• Kaye Validators, SIMs, iRTD’s
Our Calibration services are performed to meet ISO 9001:2015 requirements. We provide fully compliant documentation and certification. It covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods and customer-developed methods.

Repair Services

We provide repair services technical support to the entire Climet Product Range as well as for our rental equipment.

Rental Services

We provide rental solutions for your company for a wide range of measurement parameters.
• Climet Optical Particle Counters
• Climet Microbial Samplers
• Validation Systems
• Temperature Standards
• Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers
• Fog Generator
• Steam Quality Test Kit
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