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PSC Biotech delivers the equipment and the NIST traceable test instrumentation you need to keep your GLP, GCP or GMP facility compliant. We have the best pricing, latest equipment and NIST traceable test instruments, in stock and ready to ship. As a value provider, we will not be undercut on pricing or quality of our rental equipment and instruments.

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  • SQ-Pro D – Full kit with calibration supplied

    This Steam Quality Test Kit provides an economical yet extremely functional solution to steam measurement in a tough wheeled flight case.

    It enables the measurement of Non-Condensable Gases, Dryness Value and Superheat. It includes a thermocouple gland for mains steam measurement entry, dedicated type T thermocouples for mains steam, NCG, superheat and flask temperatures, electronic balance, high accuracy 2-input thermometer, tools and steam sampler with accessories for laboratory analysis.

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    XpertRTD® is a stand-alone display and interface between smart probes and Lives International Systems.

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    XpertVal64® is a conventional thermocouple based system for thermal mapping and validation. The thermocouple system features 64 Channels for thermal mapping and validation with multiple types of sensor (PT100, TC, Pressure, Humidity).

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  • GMPF

    Standard data logger with long flexible sensor for recording temperature values. Easy to program and install, no data loss during validation process, multiple users can share the same database simultaneously. Remote factory calibration on users site.

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    Real time data logger for monitoring temperature. Highly efficient (quick validation time), highly reliable (real time data), impressive accuracy (±0.1°C).

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  • iLog

    Cryopak’s iLog is designed with the user in mind. This temperature monitor has many convenience features that allows the user to quickly and easily make informed decisions. iLog data loggers are compatible with Console Pro software, 0.1°C resolution for added accuracy, up to 32,000 readings, LCD display, and can be programmed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. iLogs can also be fitted with 1 or 2 sensors in addition to a humidity sensor.

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